Let Us Help You Manage Your Grade Point Average (GPA) Efficiently!

Want to Better Your GPA Scores? 

Look no further than Solutions EDU for GPA management programs in and around Houston and Katy, TX. Our experienced teachers will ensure you're in a small groups and we'll group you by levels. Call us at 832-758-5872 today for more information. 

Comprehensive GPA Management Program

Right from chemistry 1 to calculus advanced placement program, Solutions EDU has you covered. Tutoring for advanced placement classes are conducted for high school students. Contact us to learn more about our ACT and SAT preparation programs.
  • Chemistry 1 and AP
  • Biology 1 and AP
  • Physics 1 and AP 
  • Calculus AP 
  • English and math tutoring
Feel confident as Solutions EDU doesn't mix levels in groups and you'll get individualized attention. As a locally owned and operated company, we've been serving your community for 11 years.
Get FREE CONSULTATION and COMPLIMENTARY TESTING. Visit our educational center in Houston, TX today at 14740 Barryknoll Ln. Suite #100.
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