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Nick Kang - Accepted to Johns Hopkins

“Solutions Education helped me tremendously with both my SATs and college essays. The teachers not only taught me various techniques and methods to solve each problem, but also guided me through those problems every step along the way. 

They helped me understand my weaknesses in the test and gave focused help for improving those specific aspects. 

For the college essays, I was able to write personal, unique, and powerful essays that were specific enough to fit the necessary prompts for each university. I learned which parts had more impact and which parts were not needed to improve my essay.

I couldn’t have gotten into the college I wanted if Solutions Education had not helped me through the whole process.”

Kevin Kim - Accepted to Princeton, Brown, Johns Hopkins

“My first SAT score was… to put it blatantly, fairly trashy. My parents decided to send me to a SAT cram course at Solutions Education, something I wasn’t exactly excited about. At first, I expected it to be just another cram school, filled with depressed and strict teachers who grasp you at the edge of your life as they command you to do better. 

Solutions Education, however, turned out to be something a little more unique. The variety of teachers you get with many different educational backgrounds, and the small group study sessions really brought out the student teacher interaction.

They gave excellent explanations on questions and how to approach them in many different ways, along with tips and their own experiences that may help me in the future. 
The classroom environment was very playful time to time, breaking the tension and letting me recollect my thoughts and helping me focus better. 

Solutions Education is possibly the best guidance program when it comes to SAT, ACT, SAT II, and school courses. 

After finishing the cram course, my sat score jumped by a subject mark and I managed to get into many prestigious colleges and receive a wide range of scholarship offers.

If you have any struggles or plan to improve your test scores, I can guarantee that Solutions Education is the best place to go.”
Elementary students

Jane Park - Accepted to Rice University

“When I first came to the States, I didn’t know anything about college application in the US. It was a sudden decision for me to come here, and I had only been studying for Korean colleges. 

It was obvious that my SAT scores were comparably low, and I didn’t know what I had to do for the application process. Solutions Education gave me a lot of help, increasing my score about 400 points, and guiding me through the steps I needed to take for college application. 

After seven months of harsh studying, I was finally able to get into my dream school.”

Cean Park - Scored a Perfect 2400 on the SAT

“The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized college-admissions test that assesses students’ critical reading, writing, and mathematics skills. Scored on a range from 600 to 2400, the three-hour and forty-five minute exam is widely regarded as one of the most important components to a successful college application. Thus, it is important that students adequately prepare for the test – whether it is through self-practice or by attending a test-prep course like Solutions Education that is geared to train students for the exam (which I highly recommend!).

After a disappointing PSAT score in my sophomore year, I felt discouraged from taking the SAT – I thought my score only reflected my inability to answer the difficult questions on the test and that a major improvement was nearly impossible. I simply could not understand how to do well on the SAT: I could never finish the essay on time, the vocabulary words appeared foreign on the page, the critical reading passages all seemed too long and too confusing. 

Because of these misgivings surrounding my real SAT, I decided to seek some help. Based on the suggestions from fellow peers and family acquaintances and much research on my part, I was convinced that Solutions Education was the best test-preparation center in the local Houston/Katy area. The dynamics of a small-scale, three to four person classroom appealed to me; it gave me the impression that this center was focused more on the individual teacher-to-student approach that I greatly needed. 

As a result, I signed up for the Summer Intensive 5-week course at Solutions Education. The five-week intensive course drastically improved my performance on the SAT. Classes were held three times a week, with a major emphasis placed on consistent practice during the days that students did not have class. 

Although the curriculum was rigorous and time-consuming, I placed forth all my effort into finishing my homework on time and to maintain a meticulous practice regime. With the help of the accomplished and incredible faculty at Solutions Educations, I was able to see consistent improvement across all three sections of the SAT, with up to 400-point gains.

The summer cram course, along with its staff and curriculum, helped me not only to score higher on the SAT, but also to more confidently approach taking the SAT – an important psychological implication that often goes overlooked. Going into the fall of my junior year, I signed up for the November administration of the SAT test. I am happy to state that, with the help of Solutions Education, I was able to score a 2400 on my SAT.”

Rachel Jang - Scored a Perfect 2400 on the SAT

“Studying at Solutions has been a remarkable experience! When I first took a practice SAT , I scored an 1800. I started Summer intensive classes, and in a little over two weeks, I was ready to take the SAT. I scored a 2200 on an SAT, but still felt I could’ve done better. 

I was left so impressed by Solutions’ ability to raise my score, I went back for private classes. And I achieved my dream score, a perfect 2400. Without Solutions Education, my future would not be the same. 

Not only are the classes helpful, but the teachers are also friendly, supportive, and engaging. SAT Solutions has helped me tremendously with test taking strategies and time management, and without their guidance, I would not have been able to attain a perfect score!”
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